First you need to apply with us and submit your application. On the home page, select 'Find me a Job' under Jobs and Careers. You'll be redirected to a page with more information on becoming a phlebotomist with Phlebotek. When you are ready, select 'Apply Now'. Be sure to attach a resume and certification or applicable licensure and describe any specialties like pediatrics or aliquotting, and list the supplies and equipment you own. Some jobs require phlebotomists to bring their own equipment or have specialty skills. Only those who list that piece of equipment or specialty will be contacted.
We utilize the Workpath platform and mobile app. In order to receive mobile orders, you must download and use this app. Your profile needs to be complete and up to date.

For events and office placements, you will receive notification from your recruiter, directly, via a phone call, text, or email.
Phlebotomists undergo a skills assessment when they are onboarded. Additionally, program specific information will be provided. In some cases, training will be conducted with either Phlebotek or the Client who’s program you will be working on. There is no phlebotomy training conducted. Proof of formal schooling in the form of a CV and/or certification is required.
Payment is released on a weekly basis. If all necessary steps have been completed according to protocol and all documents are received within 24 hours of assignment, there will be no delay in payment. If a step is missed, the protocol is not adhered to, or if documents are not turned in, in the requested timeframe, payment may be delayed until these requirements are met.

If you complete a collection between January 7th, 2019 and January 13th, 2019, you must submit your documents by that Sunday, the 13th in order to receive compensation on Friday, January 18th. If you submit your documents after the 13th, your payment will be delayed by 1 week. Payment is always rendered on Fridays. If you have a payment issue or question, please refer to your pay stub. If you have additional questions, please contact accounts payable in the Accounting Department.
Phlebotek offers a wide variety of phlebotomy solutions, hence the name Phlebotek Solutions. We specialize in mobile in-home collections, clinical trials, health screenings, draw days, full-time or part-time placements, and more.

To learn more, please complete a Business Contact Form and someone will get back to you within 24 hours. To find the Business Contact Form, please go to the homepage on our website and click 'Contact Us', under Clients and Partners. We will gather the general information on your request and will respond inquiring your availability to schedule a call to discuss your needs further.
After the initial call to discuss your request, we will provide a quote for service and inquire whether you are interested in contracting. We will provide an MSA to execute followed by an Exhibit A/SOW outlining the details of your specific request. Once everything is finalized, we require approximately 2 weeks to prepare and train our internal staff, create internal materials for our staff and phlebotomists, and gather the required supplies/equipment.
There are a lot of variables in phlebotomy and we consider each in order to provide the best quote. We weigh the level of difficulty, centrifugation, supplies/kits, volume, frequency, shift, phlebotomist responsibilities, and program manager's responsibilities.
Yes, Phlebotek can assist with building program instructions, guides, and other necessary documents.