Medical Staffing Agency in Kansas City

Looking for phlebotomists or medical assistants in Kansas City?

Phlebotek Phlebotomy Staffing is the leader in Kansas City for phlebotomy personnel services. We provide volunteer, temp, intern, part-time, full-time, and head hunting phlebotomy personnel services to all sectors of the medical industry in Kansas City.

With over 40,000 phlebotomists nationwide, we are sure to have phlebotomists and medical assistants in Kansas City.

The recruiters at Phlebotek will align your needs with a phlebotomist in your area whose experience compliments the needs of your organization. Phlebotek candidates are thoroughly screened, interviewed, and tested before being considered for your position. Only the most qualified applicants pass our rigid quality control standards, meaning Phlebotek will always find the ideal person for your job. Quality is our number one goal!

Our staffing agency is standing by, waiting to help your organization with its phlebotomy needs. Contact us today, and have your position filled tomorrow.