Phlebotomy Jobs In Montana




YEARLY AVERAGE SALARY:         $30,146


A phlebotomist is a professional having experience of drawing blood and storing it for analysis purposes. The duties of phlebotomists include drawing blood, storing of samples, labeling of samples and analyzing it. Well trained and certified individuals have better chance of getting good phlebotomy jobs compared to those who do not have certification.

A phlebotomist is required to possess complete knowledge of phlebotomy field and is also expected to have excellent communication skills. This is because phlebotomists are required to interact with patients during and after the extraction procedures. While certification is only compulsory in two states in United States it is advisable to get certification as it improves the jobs prospects.

Phlebotomy jobs are available in hospitals, laboratories, private clinics, blood donation centers, and nursing homes.  Phlebotomy jobs are ideal for individuals interested in patient care within the health care sector.  On an average a phlebotomist can earn approximately $29,000 and the salary increases with increasing experience.

The typical Phlebotomist Salary estimated by the United States Government Bureau of Labor Data originating from a number of resources varies from job to job. Phlebotomist’s are employed in a variety of locations.

Phlebotomist salary varies with state. The highest salary for a phlebotomist is $42,000 in the Virgin Islands. Montana and West Virginia also record a high salary of $39,000 for the phlebotomist. District of Columbia stands next with $38,000. In New York, the salary of a phlebotomist is $37,000.

A Phlebotomist median hourly pay is $19.38 per hour. The lower 10% earn $13.19 per hour and those in the upper 10% earn more than $30.00 per hour.

The average annual salary of a phlebotomist in Montana is $30,146 annually. However, the salary varies depending on factors like experience, qualification, skill level, and the type of employer. Phlebotomists in Montana had an average salary of $13.55 per hour as of May 2011, or $30,146  per year. That was about 5 percent lower than the nationwide average for this occupation. The middle 50 percent of these workers in Montana were making $10.91 to $14.46 per hour, or $22,469 to $33,873 per year. The bottom 10 percent of the pay scale was at or below $10.06 per hour, or $23,789 per year. The top 10 percent of these workers earned $15.73 per hour and higher, or $19,896 per year and more.