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Over the last 6 years, Phlebotek has found work for thousands of phlebotomists and medical assistants around the country. We receive calls everyday from Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Blood Banks, Clinics, and dozens of other healthcare organizations that are all looking for a phlebotomist or medical assistant.

We listen closely to what these organizations are looking for and find the best specialist for them. Based on the application you submit, we will strive to find the best job or assignment for you.

The employment requests that we receive can range from full time careers to a one day temp assignments and everything in between. Phlebotek also staffs for health + wellness screenings and mobile / in-home phlebotomy visits.

Please complete the application. Our recruiters want to see current information and we recommend re-applying if any of your information has changed. When our recruiters receive a request for a phlebotomist or medical assistant, they will search through the applications and select the medical professionals that closely match what the organization is looking for. We will then be able to contact you and discuss the job!


The application is quick and easy. If Phlebotek has a phlebotomy or medical assisting job that appears to match your qualifications, we will contact you right away.

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