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Phlebotek Georgia Staffing provides medical and phlebotomy staffing solutions in Georgia and employment opportunities for contract, temp to perm, per diem and direct hire healthcare jobs. Phlebotek is the leading phlebotomy staffing agency in Georgia.



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    • Please contact our offices as we do have phlebotomy positions available. Thank you.

  2. I am a cerified plebotomist (9 years) looking for work in the Maryville TN area. Please notify me of any employment in this area or surrounding areas. Thank you

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      • First of all you dont need a degree for plombhtoey you can get training through any agency that hires if if the provide it Most hospitals will train the right person,,, First before waisting your money on school call around to your local hospitals and ask if they are hiring and usually they will be willing to train you The felony is up to the hospital discretion.. if in your state and you do need schooling then talk to the school because the state board of medicine or nursing ect will actually decide if you are elligable for liscensing after yes after you schooling

    • I agree with Diane, it would be better to focus on your dregee and work as either a phlebotomist, processor or in another assisting capacity since the MLT (medical laboratory technician) program includes a clinical rotation itself and requires an associates dregee in medical laboratory technology. If you are pursuing a career as a medical technologist then you would have to go through another 1 year clinical internship making MLT school nearly a waste of your time and energy. Some institutions will grandfather you in as an uncertified MLT if you have a BS in biology, chemistry, microbiology etc., but if you are still working on your BS then that’s not a possibility. Although, you still may be able to get into a microbiology lab in some capacity (if you are interested in this particular field within medical technology), say, as a processor who receives and prepares specimens and sets up cultures (some labs employ an individual with a HS diploma as a laboratory technician or LT to do this). That way you can get some limited experience inside a microbiology laboratory if for no other reason than to get a feel for what a clinical microbiologist does, why they have chosen this field and the stress level involved.On a personal note, I took the exact path you are planning. After receiving my BS in microbiology, I was accepted into an MT internship as a 4 +1 student and now work as a clinical microbiologist (MT). In my opinion, those who enter the program with a dregee already under their belt do much better than those who enter as 3+1 students and use the internship to complete a BS dregee in medical technology. I suppose because the 4+1 students have completed their senior year and roughly 30 credits worth of 4000 level coursework. You really have made a great choice. Don’t listen to any naysayers. This field is in a state of flux and there is a shortage of medical technologists that is worsening every year, that should mean job security and rising salaries.P.S. MT school can be very demanding. I would begin putting any extra money aside. It would be very difficult to try and work very many hours while in the internship.

    • Not a stupid idea at all; aclaluty a quite good idea.Phlebotomists are in universal demand. Good jobs in that area are plentiful. Keep in mind that the draculas as we patients refer to them, work more in the early A.M. than any other shift. But, shift work on three shifts is certainly available.You will get some great experience and a taste of the medical field. Good stuff on your resume.Tough work load, but many have succeeded at work and school and are better for it.Go for it! I’m sure you’ll be terrific!

  3. I am a certified phlebotomist with only my school clinicals as experience and I have already submitted and application. I can travel up to 50 miles and work PRN in Atlata, GA area thanks!

    • That’s a bit hard because ulmtatiely in med tech school you will learn phlebotomy and your skills will supersede the med technician so it’s hard to see justifying the time cost to become a med technician, when the med technologist program is only a year long, and they will train your thoroughly so its really not that necessary to get the experience of the technician. If you want to work around the lab, make some $ I would do the phlebotomist (if you can get a cheap program) that is a skill that is important to learn to do well. I worked in the lab in the front office filing, answering phones, processing the specimens, keeping track of the phlebotomists etc something else to look at (no training required).

  4. I am a certified phlebotomist the only experience i have is school and my externship. I am looking for something in an office setting or hospital.I am 28 very dependable and outgoing.I graduated with great grades and loved my extership so i can’t wait to get out there and make a career out of this field.I have already put an application in on here please consider me when you are looking to hire someone I won’t let you down.!

  5. I am a Certified National Phlebotmist. I live in the Stone Mountain area. I am seeking a position ,but the only experience that I have at the moment is what we did in class. I worked as a mobile medical examiner 16 years ago when I recieved my Medical Assistant certificate. I have done light blood work on one of my previous jobs. I am willing and excited about working. I would loved to be considered for a position that I may qualify for.

  6. I am relocating from chicago to ATL and I am in search of phlebotomy work!!

  7. I am a medical technologist with 30 years experience in phlebotomy as well. I am looking for full time or part time employment at night perferably

    • Take the phlebotomy class, quick and not too hard,,,,,continue on with your sclonhiog towards your bachelors. Don’t mess with the med tech, phlebotomist and med tech make the same money but the phlebotomy is quicker. CNA is quick n easy and earn about 10-12 an hour at least, depends where you live. CNA Phlebotomy and you’ll always be able to have work/find work till you finish with the bachelors. MAKE THE BACHELORS THE TOP TOP TOP PRIORITY!!!!!!There is more to being a CNA then nursing homes, I’ve worked several cool jobs as a CNA.

  8. Am medical assistant with hospital experience and currently voluntering @ a primary pysicians 5days a working. I am state certified and working as a plebotomist at the dr’s office. Am available anytime and willing to travel 50 miles radius.