California Phlebotomy Staffing

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Phlebotek California Staffing provides medical and phlebotomy staffing solutions in California and employment opportunities for contract, temp to perm, per diem and direct hire healthcare jobs. Phlebotek is the leading phlebotomy staffing agency in California.


  1. I would just like to know if there was a way to be able to work in California after obtaining a certification in the state of Nevada or a way to obtain my California license while working in Nevada or California? Please and thank you for your time.

    • Thank you for your message. Phlebotek is currently looking into approving certification schools nationwide. Check back soon!

  2. Hi I work as an externship coordinator during the week days and instruct a 8wk/40hr diadetic course on Saturdays. My job is to prepare students for their national phebotomy exam which upon passing they receive both national cert as well as CA. state licensing. The students are required in additional 40 clinical hrs at a hospital and/or site where they are able to collect a total of 60 documented specimen samples. My problem is finding sites in the High Desert area to set up contracts with and send our students to complete their course. The 3 area hospital already have contracts with the college as do the major lab companies that have their draw stations through out this area. Is their a phleb. exteernship placement site anyone knows of? Thanks

    • Call around local htsoipals, community colleges and technical/vocational schools. I live in VA so know nothing about your area but when it comes to these sorts of programs it is important to network. Also, you can google phlebotomy staffing’. GOOD LUCK